It all started with joint tapes: In 1981 CEO Jürgen Krasemann sen. has gained four years of experience as a toolmaker and is an expert regarding varying techniques and the production of joint tapes. Born in the quite small city Rhede in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, he uses his expertise to start his own business by renting a 100sm huge hall in his home city. By 1985 he already has to rent further rooms.
In 1989 the company moves into the industrial park in Rhede, where Krasemann builds - in only nine months - appropriate buildings and several off-premises warehouses on 3.300sm.  
A further extension of more than 4.000sm becomes necessary in 1996; gladly it is possible to get premises on the opposite side of the street: The Butenpass. 
In order to be able to combine production and storage, the company moves again: to Max-Planck-Street 2. The almost 7.500sm huge areal includes 2370sm for production and storage halls and about 480sm for bureaus. New "special designs around concrete" are constantly developed and become standard. Services and visits on the construction site become more and more important, too. Under the new label KRASO a range of completely new products is developed and promoted. In the meantime about 24 employees take care of a reliable service within the company as well as on the construction site.
Due to the constant rise in production a part of the company has to be outsourced. The additional 380sm huge production hall in the industrial park is situated in another area which has further 1.550sm. Here, pump sumps are produced as well as stored. 2008: 28 employees. 
The neighbouring estate at the Max-Planck-Street becomes acquirable. The joined property is more than 11.800sm huge and has place for a 2.000sm production and storage hall. 
Entry of Jürgen Krasemann Junior.: After seven years of seniority Jürgen Krasemann Junior - apprenticed as skilled building worker - joins the management. 
Enlargement of the production: Plastic injection mouling machine, CNC table milling machine, high pressure waterjet cutting machine and sandblasting plant. About 45 employees take care of a reliable and thorough service, also regarding development and production, as well as distribution and technique.
Entry Dennis Krasemann: Like father, like son! After becoming a toolmaker and the completion of his professional certificate, Dennis Krasemann joins the family business and gives further support. 
Our first time as exhibitor at the BAU 2013: The world's renowned fair for architecture, materials and systems. 
A portal for architects, building owners and planner that provides tender texts for almost every KRASO product, called ausschreiben.de. Here you are able to download the necessary information of KRASO products in different file formats for your tenders. Texts are also available in English.
In 2014 further capacity expansion becomes inevitable: A second high pressure waterjet cutting machine and another plastic injection moulding machine have to be purchased. The machine hall has to be expanded for more space.

Several videos showing the installation of KRASO products can be downloaded on our homepage or our YouTube channel. Furthermore there are several QR-Codes available for your support. The installation of KRASO products becomes pretty easy with the help of these media.
With an even more professional and bigger stand at the BAU Fair in Munich in 2015 the KRASO team attracts plenty of visitors and a vast interest in our products.
New layouts for our pricelists and flyers as well as a strong packaging of KRASO products are introduced. The pricelist is edited every two years and available in German and English.
Another hall extension is necessary for further capacities and enough space to increase the concrete production of pump sumps, inspection shaft and lift pits.
This year our team attends altogether seven fairs to present our sealing technology to the professional public. Our outstanding and broad product portfolio offers solutions of varying aspects: Building installation, sanitary facilities, glass fibre and many more. According to that different fairs need to be attended as exhibitor to meet the different professions.
Dennis Krasemann finally joins the management and takes his place alongside Jürgen Krasemann Sen. and Jürgen Krasemann Jun.
Once more we present our innovative solutions at the world leading fair for architecture, materials and systems: BAU fair in Munich. Besides other products we introduce our new Cable Penetration System KRASO KDS.
The new edition of our catalogue reaches a hundred pages.
With the beginning of the new term we are happy to welcome our first two trainees in our team: Alina Beckmann and Jonas Keiten-Schmitz are on their way to become certified industrial clerks.
By changing the company's name from Krasemann to KRASO GmbH & Co. KG we are able to strengthen the brand KRASO, also in regard to entrepreneurship.
The New Year starts with a ground-breaking ceremony: the buildings at Max-Planck-Straße have become pressed for space. The need for bigger production halls and warehouses as well as more offices becomes inevitable. We decide to stay at our home place Rhede and find a new suitable estate just a stone's throw away at Baumannweg 1. A new hall for the concrete production including our own concrete mixing plant, one hall for metal and plastic manufacturing as well as a warehouse and a modern, light flooded office building are built within twelve months.
More than 80 colleagues belong now to the company.
At record speed, and after only twelve months, production and administration move from Max-Planck-Straße to Baumannweg. Within this period the production continues almost non-stop.
In the meantime the team prepares for the next BAU exhibition: the stand, almost double in size and more spectacular than ever, and several new product inventions attract new and plentyful visitors. Beside many other products we present the innovative new floor penetration - belonging to the product category Pipe Penetrations: KRASO Universal Funnel.
The introduction of KRASO Builder's Convenience Box goes along with introducing a brand new product category: House Connection Systems at KRASO. This most convenient box offers builders the opportunity to easily connect their buildings without basement to all major lines like gas, water, electricity and telecommunication; DVGW-tested and certified of course!
In the meantime more than 90 staff members belong to the team KRASO.
1981 It all started with joint tapes: In 1981 CEO Jürgen Krasemann sen. has gained four years of experience as a toolmaker and is an expert regarding varying techniques and the... read more »
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