KRASO Stainless Steel Flange Plate - Special

KRASO Stainless Steel Flange Plate - Special

KRASO Stainless Steel Flange Plate 1 x ID 100 - special
internal diameter: 100 mm, for core hole in front of concrete or brick wall, plate and tubular sleeve made of V2A, including fixing material M12, incl. KRASO Sealing Strips, protrusion length app. 30 cm, plate size approx. 230 x 230 mm + 230 x 150 mm

BV: Ludwigshafen


KRASO Special Designs - stainless steel

» KRASO Special Designs made of stainless steel: thanks to modern water-jet- and laser cutting techniques we are able to produce precise special mounting parts made of stainless steel according your requirements.