KRASO Pump Sump - Special - 201 x 201 x 190 cm

KRASO Pump Sump - Special - 201 x 201 x 190 cm

KRASO Pump Sump - special -

internal dimension approx. 201 x 201 x 190 cm 

made of waterproof concrete, with 20 cm thick, reinforced wall and floor panels ( 20 kg/ per cum), rebar connection approx. 8/15 double-rowed, surrounding water pressure tight, MPA-tested construction joint tape KRASO Duo-Fix 150 "plus", 2 crane lifting lugs, KRASO Pipe Connections: 6 x DN 110 + 4 x DN 160

Total weight approx. 11 t

BV: Cochem


KRASO Special Designs - pump sumps and lift pits
» Made of waterproof concrete and produced by us exactly as per customer's requirements! All dimensions (width, length, height, wall thickness) are variable.
» Mounting parts such as pipe penetrations, casings or anchor rails (for lift pits) are accurately installed.
» Weather-independent production of concrete shafts up to a total weight of 20 t - but also pump sumps and lift pits with significantly higher weights can be realised.
» Save time, money, labour and additional drainage! We are happy to advise you personally!