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KRASO Plastic Flange Plate Type KFP - multiple split - Special

KRASO Plastic Flange Plate Type KFP - multiple split - Special

KRASO Plastic Flange Plate Type KFP - multiple split - special
for installation of media pipes or cables using KRASO Sealing Insert in front of a core drilling in concrete or brick wall, plate made of 60 mm thick high-strength special plastic, with EPDM flat seal, incl. fixing material and adhesive and sealant KRASO PU 50, MPA tested up to 3,0 bar

plate size: 1000 x 550 mm, with KRASO Sealing Insert Type SD-30 split, media line 2 x 200 mm + 2 x 150 mm + 1 x 80 mm + 1 x 60 mm

BV: Gummersbach


KRASO Special Designs - stainless steel

» KRASO Special Designs made of stainless steel: thanks to modern water-jet- and laser cutting techniques we are able to produce precise special mounting parts made of stainless steel according your requirements.