KRASO Clamp Construction - External -

KRASO Clamp Construction - External -

Clamp construction external expansion joint tape DA 330/35 according to DIN 18 541
DA 330/35 corner, smooth on one side, Nitriflex, DIN 18541, NB combination joint tape with
middle hose as corner joint tape, with clamping and concreting part

Part to concrete external !!

The clamping surface has to be:
» clean, smooth and corrugation-free
» free of shrink holes, cracks and loose parts
» waterproof
If necessary please take care of the following preparations:
» eliminate protruding fundamental concrete areas, remove flush with the adjacent areas (cut if possible)
» refill uneven concrete surfaces with waterproof resin-based mortar
» to seal permeable concrete, e.g. to get it water impermeable, you might carry out concrete injections
Your working place has to be clean, dry and free of reinforcements!


KRASO Klemmkonstruktion
Flachstahl Klemmschiene Edelstahl (Länge ca. 1,20 m mit Langloch alle 15 cm)Zur Anbindung neuer an bestehende Bauteile+ Klemmkonstruktionen in Edelstahl oder verzinkt. Innenliegend und außenliegend.