KRASO Casing Type FL/ZA - Special

KRASO Casing Type FL/ZA - Special

KRASO Casing Type FL/ZA ID 150 - special
internal diameter: 150 mm, protrusion length: approx. 450 mm, for installation of pipes or cables from 0 to 125 mm using KRASO Sealing Insert, non-corrosive stainless steel casing V2A, without drill holes for fixation (bolts, nuts and washers M20), with fixed-loose flange construction for buildings with exterior sealing (black tank), against pressing water according DIN 18533 W2-E

BV: Hall / Österreich


KRASO Special Designs - stainless steel

» KRASO Special Designs made of stainless steel: thanks to modern water-jet- and laser cutting techniques we are able to produce precise special mounting parts made of stainless steel according your requirements.