KRASO Universal Funnel

floor penetration for the installation in waterproof concrete base plates, for the connection of displaced KG/HT pipes and for the connection of KG 2000- /KG lines

» Gas- and water pressure tight! With its surrounding, MPA-tested, thermally welded KRASO 4 Seal the KRASO Universal Funnel protects against pressing water up to 7,0 bar and is furthermore gas tight - also tight against radioactive radon.

» KG 2000 compatible: for the connection to KG lines and KG 2000 lines!

» More flexibility! Displaced fall pipes can be corrected easily with the funnel and bends up to 45 degrees. Including spigot diameter DN 110 and threefold reinforced lipped ring for a secure and tight KG connection.

» Manifold connections! The surrounding, textured connection-/ trowel flange with a diameter of 330 mm is suitable for the integration of adhesive foils. For non-adhesive foils a screwable stainless steel flange as fixed-loose flange construction is optional available.

» Simple installation! The KRASO Universal Funnel comes ready-to-use and does not have to be assembled on site. Four lugs secure an accurate and easy positioning in the base plate. The unbreakable solid wall material as well as the included walkable building period protective cover protect against damages during the building period.

KRASO Universal Funnel
Scope of supply:
KRASO Universal Funnel with water pressure tight surrounding, thermally welded KRASO 4 Seal, one-sided spigot, walkable building period protective cover and additional protective cover

Optional available: screwable stainless steel flange for a fixed-loose flange construction.

Type / Item KRASO Universal Funnel
Line: diameter DN 110
Diameter trowel flange 330 mm
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