KRASO Flange Pipe Type FE

thick-walled plastic casing true diameter for retrofit installation of pipes and cables using KRASO Sealing Insert. For new buildings and rehabilitation - according DIN18533 W1-E

ID = InternalDiameter KRASO Flange Pipe Type FE

KRASO Flange Pipe Type FE
Scope of supply:
KRASO Flange Pipe Type FE with KRASO Foil Flange on one side, oil- and bitumen resistant, surrounding app. 15 cm. For the integration of the foil flange we recommend our adhesive and sealant KRASO PU 50.

Type / Item KRASO Flange Pipe Type FE
InternalDiameter ID 100 125 150 200 250 300
Outer diameter in mm 110 140 160 210 263 314
Delivery length in cm 50
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