KRASO Casing Type FE - Casing - true diameter

thick-walled plastic casing - true diameter - for concreting, colour grey, as a recess for later installation of pipes or cables using KRASO Sealing Insert
ID = InternalDiameter casing true diameter

All the advantages at a glance:

» Certified and tested: due to the special geometry our surrounding KRASO 4 Seal produces a grip with the concrete that is water-, gas- and odour tight. 

» Flexibility: we offer KRASO Casings in a wide variety of different formats. If necessary, the size can be adapted individually on the construction site.

» Scope of supply: KRASO Casings are supplied complete with installation covers.

» Materials and processing: KRASO Casing are made of weatherproof, high-impact plastic. The surrounding KRASO 4 Seal is joined to the plastic pipe by vulcanization. No pre-treatment is required.

» Weight: low weight, and hence easy handling on the construction site and low transport costs.

» Installation: simple installation thanks to low weight and installation covers.

» Extras: on request you can obtain the test certification for the KRASO 4 Seal. In addition we offer the matching KRASO Sealing Inserts for all KRASO Casings. Our team supports you with all technical questions concerning installation.

» Every diameter and every wall thickness available on short term!

KRASO Casing Type FE
Scope of supply:
KRASO Casing Type FE with water pressure-, gas- and odour tight, surrounding KRASO 4 Seal and 2 KRASO Covers as installation aid

Type / Item KRASO Casing Type FE
InternalDiameter ID 80 100 125 150 200 250 300
Available standard wall thicknesses in cm 20 · 24 · 25 · 30 · 35 · 36,5 · 40 · 45 · 50
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